Published Work

Magical Menagerie

An inky book of Magical Animals!

Published 2014 by Lirabelle France

‘Menagerie Magique’ is a book for young children, filled with fabulous birds and beasts from all around the world. A largely wordless book perfect for little children who want to play a game of ‘Guess Who’ as you turn each page to reveal a new colourful animal. Have fun roaring, squawking and mimicking the animals through the book!

In ‘Menagerie Magique’ I worked by creating dozens of symmetrical ink blots using lots of vibrant colours. My daughter Scarlet helped me to choose the colours and make the ink blots so that I could not plan them too much!

When the blots were dry I imagined them into different animals and illustrated them with fine liner pens and watercolour pencils.

I hope you enjoy experiencing the Magical Menagerie book full of magical beasts and riotus colours!

Colour prints from the book available!

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