Body Casting

Having your body cast can be a wonderful opportunity to see your beautiful body from a new and unexpected viewpoint, and is a wonderful way to honour yourself and the journey you and your body have taken together.

A breast, torso or bottom cast will take around an hour. You will need to be topless but your nipples will be the first thing to be cast so you will hopefully feel a little less naked. Castings take place in my home art studio in a private space.

You will need to apply grape seed oil to your skin when you arrive (I will provide this) to prevent the mod rock from sticking to you, so if you are allergic to either grape seed oil or mod rock please do not book up.

This is a very hands on experience where I will need to be very close to you and will be applying the mod rock plaster cast to you by hand. Please make sure you are comfortable with this process before you decide to book a session. 

It can be quite messy so please don’t wear anything you don’t mind getting dirty (nipple piercings can be worn)

If you would like to speak to me regarding having a body cast please email me on

Breast and bottom casts are £45 (£55 sprayed a colour)

Body casts are £60 (£70 sprayed a colour)

I look forward to turning your lovely body into a sculpture for you to enjoy forever.