The Artist Witch Spell book

‘Artist Witch Spell Book’
Is a collection of new work created for ‘The Sketchbook Project’ for the ‘Brooklyn Art Library’
Working with the theme of ‘Legacy’ and exploring the ideas of both ‘Artist’ and ‘Witchcraft’ ; To create an informative but fun collection of work about what it means to be an ‘Art Witch’
Created in an A5 artists sketchbook and using collage, inks, acrylic paint, pencils, watercolour, lectra set and a wide variety of other materials.
The finished book will be sent to Brooklyn, New York to become part of their perminent sketchbook collection.

Brooklyn Art Library
Located in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn Art Library is home to over 41,000 sketchbooks from over 130 different countries. Participants of the project order blank sketchbooks, choose a theme, fill them up and connect their books online with search terms, an artist bio and other unique content. Every single sketchbook that is sent back to us is cataloged and placed
on our shelves for visitors to view.