CMC Playground


Interactive Children’s Mural

Interactive double sided mural created for the CMC Playground area of the Children’s Media conference in Sheffield.

CMCDream Design Create

This large two-sided illustration by Sas and Yosh explores the imagination of children and the unending possibilities of collaborative creative design.⁠

On one side of the artwork, Sas and Yosh have created their own ‘school of innovation’ illustration. On the other side, the artists invite visitors to imagine and draw inventions of the future and join these to the artwork.⁠

Visitors can imagine new machines, modes of transport, cool art technology, environmental innovations or perhaps a wonderful futuristic invention they have dreamt of creating.⁠

I’m Dream Design Create

I was created by Sas and Yosh

I’m suitable for kids of every age

Try me:

  • Imagine you could design or invent ANYTHING for the future.
  • What would it do, and what would it look like?
  • Draw something on the paper provided that you think would be amazing to have in the future?
  • If you can’t think of anything you can use one of our ideas to get you started?
  • Colour it in, cut it out and stick it onto the landscape side of the mural.
  • Most importantly have fun and remember there are NO bad ideas!


Children’s Media Conference

Project Duration:

Summer 2021