About Me


Sarah Bellisario : Designer & Illustrator

Design House & Brand Director of Sas and Yosh 

I am a freelance and published illustrator, art teacher, and compulsive children’s book collector, with an MA in Children’s book illustration. A lover of fine lines, pattern and colour, I love taking inspiration from different cultures and have a passion for Japanese art.

Getting lost in a good book, whether it be diving into a great story or losing myself in the detail of a beautiful illustration has always been one of my favourite preoccupations.

Whenever possible I am also a far flung traveller and hoarder of objects and scrappy travel journals.

I like to create my work with a sense of spontaneity sometimes creating dozens of colourful backgrounds before I choose which ones to work into, creating images with a mix of different media. Creating both hand drawn and digital illustration.

I create work for large scale murals, web apps, stationery, wallpaper, wall stickers, fashion textiles, magazine illustration and children’s books. For clients both in the UK and internationally

I also exhibit and sell my work, and love to produce bespoke work on commission

Get in touch: To contact me please email sas@sasandyosh.com or call 07872577933


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