Exciting commission for Lister Hospital

4572313487_246x244Artist Sarah Bellisario to create celebration mural for the Neonatal Unit
By chamilton023, Aug 27 2014 03:26PM

We are delighted to announce that Hitchin-based illustrator, Sarah Bellisario is working with us and the hospital to develop a large scale piece of art along the corridor which leads to the Lister Neonatal Unit.

Our aim is to transform the long, blank wall, which currently greets parents on the approach to the neontal unit into a stunning celebration of the lives of the babies cared for there, past, present and future. Parents will be invited to have their child or children’s name(s) added to the mural design in return for a small donation to the neonatal unit.

Sarah is an established artist and Digswell Arts Trust fellow whose work features magical, fairy tale landscapes and detailed, whimsical figures such as the group shown below. The Families Group committee loved the beautiful design Sarah put forward in her bid for the work, and this will now be refined in conjunction with staff and parents.

We are hoping to fund the project through a mixture of grants and sponsorship so that the project can raise as much money as possible for the neonatal unit. If you know of any businesses or local organisations which might be willing to contribute, please let us know at admin@listerneonatalunitfamiliesgroup.org. You can also use this email address to register your interest in having your child’s name feature in the mural – we will then keep you updated as the project progresses.

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