Vision of Utopia – People’s Book

As part of Letchworth Heritage Foundations ‘Vision of Utopia’ project last month I held a series of workshops in Letchworth culminating in an all day drop in workshop in the town centre. Children and parents were invited to create a page for my book project where they could describe in text or image their favourite thing about Letchworth or something about themselves. They created their image/text on an image chosen from a selection of archive images of Letchworths past.

We had a super response from students at St Francis collage (Prep school) and the Art class at Howards Gardens centre, and were very excited to have just under 100 people attending the Saturday workshop.

After the workshops my job was to design the front and back cover and put together the book. With the help of my fabulous husband who once upon a time worked as a book binder below are some images of the making process and the final results!

My final illustrated book cover design


My lovely husband hard at work with PVA and make shift binding tools!




End papers gone in using copies of traditional marbled paper created in Letchworth.

photo 3


photo 2

Amazing contributions from the many talented and creative children of Letchworth who came to the workshops!

photo 5

photo 2 copy

photo 1 copy

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