Vision of Utopia – Workshop

Vision of Utopia -  Workshop

Sarah Bellisario

Saturday 5 April 10:30 to 14:30
34 Leys Avenue, SG6 3EZ

As part of our Vision of Utopia Exhibition taking place from the 6 March to 27 April Digswell Arts Trust fellows are creating works which you can get involved in.

Illustrator and writer, Sarah Bellisario will be inviting you to collage, paint, and draw your thoughts and memories of the Garden City, binding together Letchworth’s past in a single utopian vision set down in the Letchworth Memory Book. Each page of the volume will be crafted from copies of Garden City texts, weaving together the memories of today with the vision of the town’s Letchworth Pioneers.

An activity for all ages, add your page and become part of Letchworth history.

This is a drop in event.


Spring Heeled Jack

Spring Heeled Jack

My Entry for the AOI illustration competition, to show a character from a London story, song or Urban Legend.
Spring Heeled Jack was a bogey man sort of Urban myth, supposedly first sighted terrorising women near Clapham Common in the Victorian Era.
He was reported to be many things from a demon, an aristocrat in a mask and cape, a flying man, or the devil himself.
Purported to be able to blow blue flames from his lips and leap enormous heights in a single bound…. hence the name ‘Spring Heeled Jack’.
Several Penny Dreadfuls’ were written about him and his frightening exploits.