Schools and Workshops

Creative workshops in Art and Illustration for all ages

I teach workshops in schools and colleges ranging from Primary to Secondary, further education and include SEN schools.

Workshops can be specifically themed to fit to your class topics, or projects or can be set around my own artwork and experience.

Other potential topics include: Pattern design, Book illustration, Murals, Character design, Photoshop, Collage and Inks.

For older students I can speak about running your own business, working as an artist, social media and creating your own brand.

My workshops are great for children and young adults who love books and enjoy creating art, using their imagination and learning new skills.

I am also available for private tutoring of all ages including GCSE and A Level art and design subjects.


I have 10 years teaching experience as an Art teacher and Head of Art Dept and work for AQA as a moderator for Art and Design marking exams each summer.

I have a BA Hons Degree, a PGCE (teaching degree) and an MA in Children’s book illustration from the Cambridge School of Art. I am also am a published author/illustrator.
For more information on workshops please email me on

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